Grain royalty collection request

Seedvise, acting on behalf of a number of Royalty Managers, has lodged an application with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding fees paid to grain traders who collect and remit End Point Royalties (EPR) on behalf of grain producers. 

In the current system, the EPR Steering Committee, which acts on behalf of Royalty Managers, negotiates separately with grain traders regarding the EPR Collection fee for the collection and remittance of EPR’s. 

The request to the ACCC is that the EPR Steering Committee is able to negotiate with grain traders collectively so that a standard EPR Collection fee and the establishment of agreed sets of terms and conditions can be set across the industry. 

It is important to note, this proposal does not relate to the EPR which growers pay, rather the collection of the EPR. 

The WAFarmers Grains Council will be giving feedback to the ACCC on this issue.  Members who would like to contribute can contact Danielle Whitfield on (08) 9486 2100 or [email protected] by February 19. 

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