Latest news on Honey Levy reform and increase

WAFarmers has received the following information from the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council:

“The ballot for the levy reform process has been finalised. The final vote was 86% in favour of the levy increases and 92% in favour of lifting the threshold.

The process now moves on to the next phase where the Business Case is being finalised before submitting to the Department of Agriculture. After processing within the Department it moves on to other Departments such as Treasury and then onto the Minister.

Further drafts of the Biosecurity Plan and Code of Practice are currently being prepared. It is expected that these documents will be distributed to WAFarmers and state and commonwealth government representatives by the end of August. AHBIC is intending to hold a meeting in October to further discuss the development of the National Bee Biosecurity Program and the Code of Practice.  WAFarmers is a member of AHBIC and will be involved in the discussions.”


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