Motions and Election Nominations – WAFarmers 2017 Annual Conference: GROW2017

As required under its Constitution (rules 27.2.1 & 27.2.2), The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers) hereby notifies all members, delegates, Commodity Section Councils and Zones that the following matters will be put to Conference for discussion March 1 and 2 at the Pan Pacific Hotel , Adelaide Terrace Perth WA 6000.

Motions to be addressed at the WAFarmers AGM – 2.00pm 1 March 2017
Motion 1- Esperance Ravensthorpe Zone – Meeting 25 January 2017
“Esperance – Ravensthorpe Zone of WAFarmers does not support the proposed Constitutional changes to move our Zone into the New Southern Region.”
Moved: Marg Agnew             Seconded: John Wallace

Background: Reducing from 17 Zones to 4 Zones for the State.
Proposal: Suggestion for the Esperance – Ravensthorpe Zone to join the Southern Region and be included with Stirling, Blackwood and Central Great Southern (around Katanning). The Esperance – Ravensthorpe Zone is huge already, covering 120km to the west from Esperance and 100km to the east of Esperance and 120km north. 

Motions to be addressed at the Livestock Section AGM – 10.30am 2 March 2017
Motion 1: Livestock Section – Meeting 5 October 2016
“The Livestock Council requests:
a)    The WA Bovine Johnes Disease program is maintained
b)    All contributors to the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme must be consulted on the costs associated with maintaining this program
c)    The BJD program must develop a funding application to be put to the Cattle IFS annually, detailing costs, expenditures and other details, to justify the value.”
Moved: Mike Norton               Seconded: David Slade

Motion 2: Livestock Section – Meeting 5 October 2016
“The Livestock Council request DAFWA, in consultation with key stakeholders, develop animal welfare standards for breeding cattle going for exports to other countries.”
Moved: Geoff Pearson          Seconded: John Wallace

Motion 3: Livestock Section – Meeting 5 October 2016
“The Livestock Council request the current regulations for sheep and goat identification (tagging) as set under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Identification and Movement of Stock and Apiaries) Regulations introduced in 2013 requiring sheep and goat producers to use either electronic or visual identification on their animals, be maintained.”
Moved: Ed Rogister               Seconded: Jeff Murray


Nominations – elections 2017
*Denotes Incumbent

The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc)
Senior Vice President                       Lynette Slade (Mt Barker)*
Vice President                                   Casual VacancyNo nominations received
2 x Board Members                           William Easton (Moora)*
                                                            Hayley Goad (Roleystone)
                                                            Chris Wyhoon (Bakers Hill)
Election to be held to fill two positions

Grains Section Council
President                                              Duncan Young (Beverley)*
Senior Vice President                          Mic Fels (Esperance)*
Vice President                                      Kallum Blake (Katanning)*
                                                               Mark Fowler (Williams)
Election to be held to fill Vice President Position

Livestock Section Council
President                                                David Slade (Mt Barker)
Senior Vice President                           John Wallace (Esperance)
Vice President                                       Steve McGuire (Kojonup)*

Stephen Brown
Chief Executive Officer


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