Provide feedback to Dairy Council on National Breeding Objective Review

WAFarmers Dairy Council is currently putting together a submission on the National Breeding Objective Review and calls on farmers to provide feedback on this important topic. The recommendations of the review which require feedback are:

  • The current APR is replaced by a new balanced performance index which is outlined in the report. This index aligns directly to farmer preferences expressed during Australia’s Longest Farmwalk and the National Breeding Objective survey.
  • Two additional indexes are released to align to specific breeding philosophies. These indexes are a type weighted index and a health weighted index.

Feedback can be provided three ways – phone or email WAFarmers Dairy Executive Officer Stephanie Tarlinton (9486 2100 or [email protected]), by completing the short survey by clicking here or contacting ADHIS to make comment by phone on 03 8621 4240.  

Attached is the report for review.                                                                                                          

Feedback due 8th October.


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