Sources of Australian Leptospermum honey sought

The University of Technology Sydney is leading a research project testing sources of medicinal Australian Leptospermum honey (also known as jelly bush or Australian manuka) for antimicrobial activity. Researchers will investigate the relationship between the activity and the plant source.

The project is asking beekeepers with access to Leptospermum honey to provide samples to be included in the research. The project will run over the next three years, allowing for the collection and testing of as many Australian Leptospermum honeys as possible.

The sample will need to be approximately 500g and beekeepers will be asked to provide some information about the location it was collected from, as well as samples from the plants the bees visited to produce the honey. The researchers will provide a collection kit containing clear instructions, an address to send thesamples to and other important information regarding the study.

The results will be kept confidential, but the beekeeper will be provided with a report on the results from the testing of their honeys.

For more information, please contact:

Project Coordinator Nural Cokcetin on 0405 284 718 or email [email protected]

Principle Investigator Professor Liz Harry on 0404 643 181 or email [email protected]


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