WAFarmers welcomes release of Blueprint

The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers) today welcomes the release of the Blueprint for Australian Agriculture by the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF).

The Blueprint, collated from the input from almost 4,000 people across the agricultural sector, sets out steps to ensure a strong future for the agricultural sector.

WAFarmers President, Dale Park, said the Blueprint process had been extremely thorough and the Federation looked forward to working with the NFF on the next stage of the plan.

“Having been involved in the process, personally, it is an interesting time to finally see the results,” Mr Park said.

“The NFF need to be congratulated on the initiative and their support of Australian farmers and the agricultural sector.

“WAFarmers agrees with the seven critical areas identified for immediate action: Innovation, Research, Development and Extension; Competitiveness; Trade and Market Access; People; Agriculture in Society; Natural Resources and Transformational Issues.”

Mr Park highlighted Trade and Market Access and Agriculture in Society as two key points for WAFarmers.

“Western Australian agriculture is heavily reliant on exports across all commodities, so access to markets will be vital for the future sustainability of farming in this state,” he said.

“WAFarmers has also been active in recent times to identify strategies to educate people outside of agriculture and farming about the origins of their food. It would be our hope that the next stage of the Blueprint can assist with enhancing the public’s understanding of the importance of agriculture,” Mr Park concluded.

The Blueprint for Australian Agriculture is available to download at www.nff.org.au/blueprint. The Blueprint is an initiative of the NFF. In 2013, the NFF will conduct a series of forums, designed to bring the agricultural sector together to drive the Blueprint forward.


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