WorkSafe compliance reminder

Farmers are being reminded to ensure their farm business are WorkSafe compliant as random inspections are being carried out across various industries.  Worksafe is the government agency which enforces the Occupational Safety & Health Act and Regulations for Western Australian workplaces, which includes farms. 

Occupational safety and health laws in Western Australia apply to all workplaces, including agricultural properties. Under these laws, self-employed people, employers and employees, or a person or people in control of a workplace, have responsibilities to make the workplace safe. Everyone – employer or self-employed person – has a legal responsibility called a ‘duty of care’ to provide a safe working environment. All employed workers – full time, part time, casual or contract – have the right to a safe and healthy working environment and to be protected from any hazard that may exist at the workplace.

WorkSafe inspectors not only enforce the law they also seek to educate and assist workplace with compliance and have provide the attached farm checklist to assist farmers in identifying potential hazards and risks. An inspector has the legal right to enter, at any time, any workplace, where employees work or are likely to be in the course of their work. This right to enter means that inspectors have unrestricted access to workplaces, excepting where there is a statutory restriction. It is an offence to obstruct, threaten or interfere with an inspector who is undertaking duties in accordance with the OSH Act.

If you would like to speak to an inspector regarding your obligations as a farm business owner please contact Worksafe on (08) 9722 2888.

Download the Health and Safety Farm Checklist here: NEW Agricultural Health and Safety FARM CHECKLIST 2014





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