Bee Executive meeting outcomes

The WAFarmers Beekeeping Executive has elected Brendon Fewster as new Senior Vice President and Rod Pavy as Vice President. 

WAFarmers met with the Department of Agriculture and Food to discuss the export of packaged bees, National Biosecurity Plan, importation of untreated honey to WA permit, National Code of Practice, Asian Honey Bee program and Small Hive Beetle program.   

WAFarmers will be seeking to meet with appropriate government departments on the matter of having perpetual clearing permits attached to apiary sites and rezoning of apiary sites on the government maps.

WAFarmers will be seeking an in depth plan before committing to the Honey Levy increase for bee industry biosecurity and examine its benefits for WA beekeepers.

The Bee Executive has made progress in identifying issues to be included in the Senate inquiry into the future of beekeeping and pollination submission. Areas of concern raised were around food security, biosecurity, international trade barriers and labelling requirements of imported honey/pollen products from overseas.     


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